The custom of Dragon Boat Festival

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The custom of Dragon Boat Festival


Dragon-boat Racing:

Dragon boat racing is the main custom of Dragon Boat Festival. It is said that Chu people died in ancient times because they were reluctant to let Qu Yuan,
a worthy minister, throw himself into the river. Many people rowed boats to catch up and rescue them. They rushed to Dongting Lake without any trace.

After that, dragon boats are rowed every May 5 to commemorate it. Use dragon boats to disperse the fish in the river so as not to eat Qu Yuan's body.
The custom of race was popular in Wu, Yue and Chu.

In fact, "Dragon Boat Race" existed as early as the Warring States period. It is a semi religious and semi entertaining program in sacrifice to carve a dragon
 shaped canoe and play a race game to entertain gods and people.

Later, in addition to commemorating Qu Yuan, people in different places also gave different meanings to dragon boat racing.

Dragon boat rowing in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area is of great significance to the memory of Qiu Jin, a modern female democratic revolutionary born there.
On the dragon boat at night, with lights on, shuttling back and forth, water and underwater, the scene is moving and unique.

The Miao people of Guizhou hold the Dragon Boat Festival from May 25 to 28 of the lunar calendar to celebrate the success of transplanting seedlings and
to wish a good harvest. Dai people in Yunnan race dragon boats on the water splashing festival to commemorate the ancient hero Yan hongwo.

There are different legends about dragon boat rowing among different nationalities and regions. Until now, in many areas of the south near rivers, lakes and
seas, dragon boat races with their own characteristics are held every year.

In 1736, the dragon boat race was held in Taiwan. At that time, Jiang Yuanjun, the governor of Taiwan, presided over the friendship match in the half moon
pool of fahua temple in Tainan. Now Taiwan holds a dragon boat race every May 5.

In Hong Kong, there are also races.

In addition, dragon boat rowing has also been introduced to neighboring Japan, Vietnam and the United Kingdom. In 1980,
dragon boat race was included in the national sports events of China, and the "Quyuan Cup" dragon boat race was held every year. June 16,
1991 (the fifth day of may in the lunar calendar),

The first International Dragon Boat Festival was held in Yueyang City, Hunan Province, China. Before the race, the "dragon head sacrifice" was held,
which not only preserved the traditional ceremony but also injected new modern factors. "Dragon head" was carried into Quzi temple,

After the athletes "put the dragon head in red" (draped in red), the chief mourner read out the sacrifice and "turn on the light" for the dragon head,
that is, light it up. Then all the people who took part in the Dragon sacrifice bowed three times,

The dragon's head was carried to Guluo River and ran to the dragon boat racing field. More than 600000 people participated in the competition,
 fair and Gala, which is unprecedented. Later, Hunan held the International Dragon Boat Festival regularly. Dragon boat racing will be popular in the world.

Dragon Boat Festival is coming. When you row a dragon boat, diseases will flow with the waves.
When you pour a cup of wine, you will have no worries and worries. When you pick a calamus, you will have peace along the way.
When you wrap a bag of zongzi, you will have happiness and sweetness. Happy Dragon Boat Festival!