Scraper definition and characteristics

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Scraper definition and characteristics

1,thedefinition  Scratchboardoperarecitationproductsarewidelyusedinmetallurgical,buildingmaterials,electricity,chemicals,cement,heartshore,docks,coalice,mines,grainandoil,food,feed,andotherindustrysec
1, the definition
Scratch board opera recitation products are widely used in metallurgical, building materials, electricity, chemicals, cement, heart shore, docks, coal ice, mines, grain and oil, food, feed, and other industry sectors. Scraper is a kind of opening and closing of the giant broken inside the shell, with the help of the scraper chain to lose the bulk material even transport equipment must be transported because the face is being lost branches, scraper chain Qi Number is buried in the material, so called scraper. Fu loach suffer count simple, rare enlightenment, security demolition of building lunch boxes, technology installation flexibility; it does not have horizontal support, but also tilt or vertical support; both hang machine operations can also be more dispersed Do gymnastics; can multi-faceted material, Guangdong belt conveyor can also multi-face discharge. Because the shell is open and close, it is losing the night, telescopic belt machine poisonous, explosive, under the temperature can be better than the day to improve the environment to combat environmental timber environmental clean-up. The company is located in:
2, Features:
1, the equipment is often used to do water level transportation branch powder powder material http://www.youheng.cn, can also be inclined within the scope of 150 to lose branch. Therefore, it is on the single side of receipts and expenditures. It also can feed in multiple areas, discharge in multiple areas, and poisonous and explosive materials to the transportation industry. With raised features.
2, Fu loach has the whole life of the machine, the turn to get a stable, suffer small size, the amount of traffic in addition to night, low energy consumption, materials, benefits  other features. The company is located in:
3, coal scraper machine
Scrapers are widely used in coal mining output of Chek Habitat, coal scraper machine back to the steel tank, open-hearth, coal mining machine to facilitate the coal fell to the scraper to lose branch machine, the return within the steel tank In the single chain suffer, traction wear plate. Funeral process for such products to be provided for the system under the volatility