Belt conveyor common fault reducer broken shaft

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Belt conveyor common fault reducer broken shaft

Reducer shaft attack in the reducer high-speed shaft. The most common is the selection of reducer list for the first straight bevel gear shaft high-speed shaft. Seizure broken shaft for two main reasons.
1, reducer high-speed axis planning on the strength of not
This condition usually occurs at the shoulder, due to the transition fillet here, it is easy to fatigue damage, such as fillet will make the reducer broken shaft in a relatively short period of time. Broken shaft after the fracture is generally more flush. Attack of this situation should be replaced or reducer reducer reducer planning.
2, high-speed shaft is not the same heart
When the motor shaft and the reducer high-speed shaft are not in the same position, the input shaft of the reducer will add radial load to increase the bending moment on the shaft, and the long-time work may cause the broken shaft image. In the installation and repair should be carefully adjusted to ensure that the two axes concentric. Under most conditions, the motor shaft will not attack the shaft. This is because the material of the motor shaft is generally 45 steel. The motor shaft is coarse and the stress concentration is better. Therefore, the motor shaft will not crack.
3, double motor drive under the broken shaft
Dual motor drive is equipped with two reducer and two motors on the same drive roller. In the reducer high-speed axis planning or selection of a smaller margin compared to easy to break the scene. The former belt conveyor drive do not use the fluid coupling This situation easier to attack, because the two motors in the start-up and running speed synchronization and force balance difficult to ensure. Today, most have chosen the scene of the fluid coupling less seizure less, but should be careful not to use the coupling too much fuel, so that it has a limited torque effect and improve the life of the coupling.