Belt machine rack device approach

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Belt machine rack device approach

1. Belt head and drive roller device at the location, with a minimum of 4 anchor cable fixed. Adjust the base according to the centerline of the unit.
2. After the headstock storage bogie and drum, the length of 3m.
3. After this device 8 section tension storage with some, 3m / section. One to seven sections of the device for towing trolley and swimming trolley track, the eighth installment tensioning winch. The tension storage with some sections and sections with 8 M16 * 55 screws fixed connection, a total of 72 screws, below the base to take over, the lower part of each center with the channel convergence, the base and the convergence of the channel on the device rail Seat, fixed by welding method, each section of the rail device in the two base and convergence channel on the rail seat.
4. Tension storage with some of the rear body H-frame device, the increase or decrease can control the length of the machine. The first section H frame for the transition frame. H frame 3 m / section. Arranged with the vertical frame convergence, the end of each section of the longitudinal frame with φ12 * 90 expansion pin connected fixed to the H frame at the top of the channel.
5. The main tail of the tail drum and roller group, each section roller group joist with slipper base bearing. Roller group each device on the device 7 sets of roller base, with M12 * 50 bolts fixed.